Finance Team

The primary duty is to monitor the committee’s finances by:

  • developing a budget
  • maintaining the budget
  • fundraising to cover the DWC Committee’s expenses
  • ensuring expenses supports the mandate of the DWC Committee

Revenue sources and timeframe:

  • Fundraising activities – anytime
  • Donation via link to CAD-ASC website – anytime
  • CRTC Cost-Recovery (if approved) – unpredictable, can be 6 to 13 months turnaround time from cost application to the approved result of the application. Costs can vary and depend on the cost analysis process by CRTC. Nothing is guaranteed.


  • the costs of web hosting and domain reservation of
  • the costs of running surveys online (no, it’s not free to retain data)
  • DropBox fee to allow for the storage of videos for video editors (for a limited time)
  • travel expenses (flight, accommodation, transportation and meals) for attending CRTC hearing, consultative meetings
  • printing, photocopying, office supplies, ie. binders, highlighters
  • professional fees:
    • french translations, captioning
    • ASL and LSQ talent (or Deaf Interpreters) for videos
    • Video editing
  • honorarium fees

What happens to DWCC funds after the mandate and the goals are met?  This topic is in discussion with the CAD-ASC on future use that supports a clause for the Deaf or an activity promoting the development of Deaf Youth.  Examples:  to support one or two Deaf individuals to attend WFDYS in 2019 or even, funds to support establishing another telecommunications ad-hoc committee.

The Finance Team:

  • Darryl Hackett, Treasurer
  • Jeffrey Beatty, Assistant Treasurer
  • Lisa Anderson-Kellett, Chairperson

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