DWCC-CSSSC’s Submissions to the CRTC for TNC 2015-134

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DWCC-CSSSC presented at CRTC on Monday April 18, 2016

DWCC’s Powerpoint


DWCC’s FINAL Deaf Wireless Survey Analysis Report – April 2016

DWCC would like to give great appreciation and special thanks to Arista Haas for her herculean contribution to such a monumental document of our Wireless Survey Analysis.

Transcript and video links

Monday April 18 Transcript: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/transcripts/2016/tt0418.htm
Video Link courtesy of CPAC: http://www.cpac.ca/en/programs/cpac-special/episodes/47465981/

Here are all of DWCC-CSSSC’s Submissions for CRTC TNC 2015-134:
CRTC Telecommunications Notice of Consultation (TNC): 2015-134:  Review of Basic Telecommunications Services

DWCC-CSSC’s First Intervention – July 14, 2015

DWCC’s October 9, 2015 Update to the CRTC re: TNC 2015-134

Second Phase Intervention – 8663-C12-201503186 – DWCC-CSSSC 08Feb2016

DWCC-CSSSC Final Submission post-hearing CRTC TNC 2015-134 (first draft – 25 May 2016)

DWCC – CSSSC Final Submission FINAL DRAFT – May 25, 2016

DWCC – CSSSC Final Replies Comments for TNC 2015 – 134 – June 13, 2016

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CRTC’s Request for Information from the DWCC-CSSSC #1

Response to CRTC’s Request for Information #1

CRTC’s Request for Information from the DWCC-CSSSC #2 – January 13, 2016

Response to CRTC’s Request for Information #2 – February 8, 2016

DWCC-CSSSC’s Survey Update sent to the CRTC – February 8, 2016

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All of DWCC’s filings: 14 in total are also accessible at this page: https://services.crtc.gc.ca/pub/ListeInterventionList/Documents.aspx?ID=223984&en=2015-134&dt=i&lang=e&S=C&PA=t&PT=nc&PST=a

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2015-134-2 Second update & revision

2015-134-3 (Third revision, new deadlines: Feb 8 & 9, 2016)

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2015-134-5 (Fifth and final revision and update)