DWCC, CAD-ASC & CNSDB present at CRTC TNC 2016-116 Hearing // CSSSC, ASC et CNSDB présents au CRTC TNC 2016-116 Audience

(en francais suit)

Three organizations, the Deaf Wireless Canada Consultative Committee (DWCC), the Canadian Association of the Deaf – Association des Sourds du Canada (CAD-ASC) & the Canadian National Society of Deaf-Blind (CNSDB) will be jointly presenting at the CRTC TNC 2016-116 Hearing.  This public proceeding topic is “Establishment of a regulatory framework for next-generation 9-1-1 in Canada.

CAD-ASC and DWCC were asked questions by the CRTC in Requests for Information that were best answered by DeafBlind, so we enlisted the assistance and it led to us inviting them to join our panel.

Here is a one-stop place for all of our relevant documents for our participation in the proceeding Telecom Notice of Consultation 2016-116, in English:


Trois organismes, le Comité consultatif sur le sans-fil de Sourds (DWCC), l’Association canadienne des sourds-Association des Sourds du Canada (CAD-ASC) et la Société nationale canadienne des sourds-aveugles (CNSDB) présenteront conjointement au CNC du CRTC 2016-116 Audience. La présente instance publique pour Avis de consultation de télécom:”Établissement d’un cadre réglementaire pour le 9-1-1 de prochaine génération au Canada.

CAD-ASC et DWCC ont posé des questions au CRTC dans les demandes d’information qui ont été les mieux répondues par DeafBlind, nous avons donc demandé l’aide et cela nous a amenés à les inviter à se joindre à notre panel.

Voici un guichet unique pour tous nos documents pertinents pour notre participation à l’instance Avis de consultation de télécom 2016-116, en Anglais:

Cover Letter for Proceeding – 20 May 2016

First Intervention – 20 May 2016

RFI request from the CRTC – 22 July

Request for Deadline Extension

Request for Invitation CNSDB – 31 August 2016

Our response Cover Letter

Our RFI response

Hearing Agenda

Hearing Seating Plan – four panelists for Panel #40 – CAD-ASC, CNSDB and DWCC

Public Hearing Powerpoint Presentation

Redefining Accessible 9-1-1- Saving Deaf Lives  V1 – released on 19 January 2017

RedeAfining Accessible 9-1-1 Saving Lives-Version 2 – released on 22 February 2017

DWCC’s Final Submission for CRTC 2016-116 – released on 20 February 2017

All of DWCC’s submissions can be found at the CRTC website here

Accessibility Requests & Issues

02 December 2016DWCC Accessibilty Request

08 December 2016DWCC CAD-ASC CNSDB Accessibility Response to CRTC’s Answer on 02 December 2016

14 December 2016CRTC Response

21 December 2016DWCC & CAD-ASC Accessibility Response to CRTC’s Answer on 14 December 2016 

05 January 2017CRTC Response 


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