CRTC TNC 2017-33 Docs: TTY & IP Relay Services // Services de relais IP et ATS

DWCC, CAD-ASC and CNSDB // CSSSC, ASC-CAD, et CNSDB submitted the following documents to CRTC for TNC 2017-33 //
A soumis les documents suivants au CRTC pour TNC 2017-33

Review of the regulatory framework for text-based message relay services such as IP Relay Services and TTY Relay Services// Examen du cadre réglementaire régissant les services de relais téléphonique fondés sur le texte TTand IP Relay Services // Services de relais IP et TTY/ATS

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First Intervention TNC 2017-33 – 10 April 2017
Survey Analysis Report  – 27 June 2017

Final Intervention – 18 July 2017
Procedural Request* – 16 August 2017 *After attendance at the TDI Conference 2017 in North Bethesda, Maryland on 27-29 July 2017, attendees felt we needed to add to the record of the proceeding further information about IP Relay Apps. DWCC, CAD-ASC, CNSDB spent considerable time on this document, and even if we hadn’t heard from the CRTC regarding our request to add this supplementary final document to the record, we waited for as long as we could and just went ahead and submitted it.

Cover Letter – 29 August 2017
Supplementary Submission: IP-Relay App – 29 August 2017 It was discovered there were server issues, and DWCC did not receive acknowledgement of receipt of the Procedural Request, and CRTC forwarded a copy of a letter intended for us on August 25th on 07 September 2017 – here it is:
CRTC Letter of Acknowledgment – 25 August 2017

On September 8th, with great pleasure, DWCC-CSSSC received a response that the document will be accepted on record for policy analysis for TNC 2017-33:
CRTC Letter of Acceptance – EN– 08 September 2017
CRTC Letter of Acceptance – FR – 08 September 2017

On September 11th, DWCC-CSSSC replied with an updated/corrected Supplementary Submission:
Cover Letter for Supplementary #1 11 September 2017
Cover Letter for Supplementary #2  – 11 September 2017
Supplementary Submission: IP-Relay App – 11 September 2017

On September 25th, DWCC-CSSSC, as well as all the other 14 other parties, in the TNC 2017-33 received this Request for Further Information (RFI) for specific companies to reply with answers to CRTC questions.
CRTC RFI document – EN
CRTC RFI document – FR

Further, TELUS and some other parties filed requests to extend the deadline and CRTC decided that the new deadlines are: October 31st for Responses to the CRTC RFI questions released on 25 September 2017 and any and all parties can respond thereafter with a firm deadline of 07 November 2017.

CRTC Deadline Establishment – EN
CRTC Deadline Establishment – FR

To see the TSP company responses, check out the files at this link: CRTC TNC 2017-33 Submissions and Documents

November 7, 2017
– our parties responded:
1) DWCC & CAD-ASC Reply to TSP RFI Answers – 07 November 2017
2) DWCC & CAD-ASC RESOURCE APPENDIX  for Reply to TSP Answers – 07 November 2017 For this round, CNSDB decided to reply standalone to show their distinct view on the issues that came about in the RFI:
3) CNSDB Replies to TSP Responses to RFI

Note: DWCC could only glean Canada’s TTY and IP Relay numbers from a total of four companies only – see this spreadsheet. DWCC calls for Canada (CRTC) to create annual reports starting in 2015 so we can monitor trends of IP Relay Services and TTY Relay Services, is there really a decline? How do we really know? Is there enough promotion about the IP Relay? As Canadians deserve to be informed and make informed choices.

Read our final response with proper working links here:

International Reporting Examples Australia Government – Department of Communications and the Arts Reporting by National Relay Services:

Example reporting chart – page 8 of 2016-2017 quarter 4 reporting:

Search all National Relay Service Reports on Australia Government website United States – Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Reporting Agency: Example reporting chart:

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