CDBC.VRS Documents

The CDBC.VRS is a partnership between the Canadian National Society of the Deaf-Blind (CNSDB) and the Deaf-Blind Planning Committee (DBPC). The CDBC.VRS submitted its own interventions providing a Deaf-Blind perspective on Video Relay Services in Canada.

Remarque : Les documents soumis au CRTC ACT 2021-102 sont soumis en anglais seulement.
Note: Documents submitted to CRTC TNC 2021-102 are submitted in English only.

To make it easier, all of the documents CDBC.VRS submitted to CRTC’s A Review of Video Relay Services are available on this webpage, and when you click each of these links, the documents will be automatically downloaded:

CDBC.VRS Cover Letter 1  with Intervention (click will download)

CDBC.VRS Intervention

Part I: CDBC.VRS Survey Report Part I with Appendix A, B, C (click will download)

Part II: CDBC.VRS Survey Report Part II with analysis of all the raw data

CDBC.VRS Survey Report Part II Appendix D – Text only

CDBC.VRS Survey Report Part II Appendix E – Text with descriptions 

CDBC.VRS Survey Report Part II Appendix F – Tables and Charts with descriptions

For the Reply Phase, the Canadian Deaf-Blind Collective for Video Relay Services (CDBC.VRS) partnered with the Deaf Wireless Canada Consultative Committee (DWCC) for support and collaboration. This included a Reply to Interventions & 

CDBC.VRS-DWCC Cover Letter with Reply to Intervention

CDBC.VRS-DWCC Reply to Intervention

Cover Letter – CDBC.VRS-DWCC’s Comments and Analysis on CAV’s Answers to CRTC’s RFI

Category 1 : Governance structure and mandate

Category 2 : Architecture, operations, and technical requirements

Category 3 : Services

Category 4 : Policies

Category 5 : User engagement, feedback & support 

Category 6 : Quality of Service Standards and Metrics

Category 7 : Education, Outreach and Public Awareness

Category 8 : Others

Addendum Document 9 : CDBC.VRS-DWCC CAV Budget Analysis and Proposal