Here are available links to learn more about wireless, telecommunications, and accessibility in depth.

Government Websites and News Releases

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

Direct Video Calling – Government Services

Direct Video Calling Increases Access for Deaf Citizens – USA – White House news release
White House Executive Order – USA – Executive Order 13571–Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Services

Other US government Direct Video Calling
FCC ASL Consumer Support Line
Direct Video Calling – Accessible Communications for Everyone (ACE)
EEOC Launches Direct Video Access to ASL Speakers for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Other National or International examples of Direct Video Calling for Customer Support Services
SRV Canada VRS Customer Services
New Zealand Relay Video Interpreting Service (VIS) Help Desk

Position Papers on Technology and Accessibility

Disability/Accessibility Offices

Text-911 related Links

Apps available in the USA

Advertisements – PSA’s

Jeenee’s advertisement for Deaf Australians – a video advertisement created in partnership between Deaf Australia and Jeenee Mobile
From the Grapevine website regarding innovation:  An article about Glide, the video-texting app

Other Canadian Telecommunication Links & Resources

SRV Canada VRS – ENGLISH Website
SRV Canada VRS – FRENCH Website
SRV Canada VRS – EN – Facebook Page
SRV Canada VRS – FR – Facebook Page
SRV Canada VRS – ASL – Youtube
SRV Canada VRS – LSQ – Youtube

BCVRS Documents & Resources:

BCVRS Open Letter to CRTC
National VRS Awareness Day Rallies –“The Five Points” – 21 September 2012
CRTC responds to Open Letter penned by BCVRS Committee – 13 September 2012

Proceeding: CRTC TNC 2013-155

1 – Written First Intervention – 17 May 2013

2 – Presentation at the public hearing in Gatineau:
2a – Powerpoint presentation at Public Hearing
2b – Video presentation Link

What If… The Quest for VRS in Canada Video:

2c – ASL video of BCVRS Presentation
2d – ASL video of BCVRS Q & A with CRTC after the presentation
2e – English Transcript of BCVRS Presentation at the hearing

3 – Written: BCVRS Final Intervention for TNC 2013-155

Resulting Policy: CRTC Telecom Regulatory Policy (TRP) 2014-187

Proceeding: CRTC TNC 2014-188

BCVRS Response for TNC 2014-188

Resulting Policy: CRTC Telecom Regulatory Policy (TRP) 2014-659

Other public VRS reports:

BELL Mission Consulting VRS Report Chapter by Chapter:

Chapter 1 – Project Confirmation
Chapter 2 – Legal Background for Canadian VRS
Chapter 3 – Consumer Interests and Perspectives
Chapter 4 – VRS Models in Other Countries
Chapter 5 – Technologies and their Forecasts
Chapter 6 –  Interpreter Considerations
Chapter 7 – Quality of Service
Chapter 8 – Potential Related Services
Chapter 9 – Forecasts of VRS User Demand
Chapter 10 – Cost Variables and Forecasts
Chapter 11 – Potential Canadian VRS Models
Chapter 12 – Final Report

Special Interest Topics from Mission Consulting Report:
Interpreting Training Expansion
Education & Outreach

Bell Report Q&A:
Bell response to CRTC

TELUS Final Report:
Telus Final Report – Video Relay Services Trial
Appendix A – Trial Participant Survey Results
TELUS Report Q&A:
Telus response to CRTC

Groupe Consult-Com Techno:
Report on the Technical Feasibility of Implementing a Video Relay Service in Canada

CONNECTUS Consulting Report:
The Evolution of Alternative Communications Technologies for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Speech Impaired