OVRSC List for a Functional Equivalent VRS

  1. This list was provided courtesy of the Ontario Video Relay Services Committee’s TNC 2021-102: Review of Video Relay Services Intervention. CDBC.VRS-DWCC expresses gratitude to the OVRSC team for supplying a clear list of features to reference as a checklist for the CAV and CRTC.

  2. The OVRSC pointed out, in its TNC 2021-102 intervention that the following list of features needed to be added to the SRV Canada VRS app before the VRS user experience is functionally equivalent to hearing users that make regular phone calls.
  3. The example of personal features are not limited to:
    1. Interoperability with Other Jurisdictions’ VRS Systems
    2. Hearing Caller’s Experience 
    3. Name Display Caller ID
    4. Call Waiting 
    5. Call Forwarding
    6. Preferred Call Forwarding
    7. Anonymous Call Rejection
    8. 3‐Way Calling/Conference Call
    9. Video 3‐Way Calling/Conference Call 
    10. Priority/Special Ringing
    11. Special Call Acceptance
    12. Per‐Call Caller ID Blocking
    13. N11 Code (Other than 911) 
    14. Hearing Carryover 
    15. Native Contact Interface 
    16. Voice‐to‐Text Captioning 
    17.  Enhanced Video Mail 
    18. Call Queueing
    19. Phone Tree/Phone Menu
    20. Call Hold
    21. Call Transfer
    22. Call Recording
    23. Extension
    24. Existing Number