Executive Steering Team

The DWCC has an Executive Steering Team (equivalent to the Board of Directors of some organizations) that makes executive decisions on the organization and financial matters.

It has been our practice to hold discussions and votes from the members on matters of importance and to confirm Executive Steering Team decisions. Votes are held electronically or during live, online video meetings.

Members of the Executive Steering Team:

Executive Steering Team

Chair:           Lisa Anderson (Vancouver, BC)

Vice Chair: Darryl Hackett (Ottawa, ON)

Secretary: Michael J. Stewart (Winnipeg, MB)

Treasurer: Jeffrey Beatty (Belleville, ON)

Deaf-Blind Representative: Noella Roberts (Cranbrook, BC)

French/LSQ Representative: Rachel Filion (Quebec City, QC) 

East Representative: Brian Foran (Halifax, NS)

West Representative: Eileen Edinger (New Westminster, BC)

Newest member/role

Indigenous Consultant:   Paula Wesley (Terrace, BC)

Terms of Reference: Link (Updated April 20, 2023, by consensus majority vote)