Survey Team

The purpose of the survey team is to compile questions and develop a survey to collect data from willing participants to be presented for the record of CRTC public proceedings on various topics:


Lisa Anderson – Report Compilation & Writer

Megan McHugh (CNSDB) – Deaf-Blind Experience Writer and Contributor

Michael J. Stewart – Data Analyst – Extractor of Survey Responses for Numerical Data Analysis in MS Excel

Jeffrey Beatty – Visual Data Charts and Graphs & Technical Consultant

Noella Roberts – Deaf-Blind Analyst

Rachel Filion – French Translations


CB Linguistic Services (CBLS) – French Analysis translation services

TraduSigne – ASL and LSQ Translations

Cinéall Production Society – ASL and LSQ Video Production

David Berman Communications 

Thank you to Past Contributors:

Arista Haas

Nicole Marsh

Teena Westerlund

Brian Foran

Kevin Ettinger

Shelley Williams

Michael C. Kellett

Frank Folino (CAD-ASC) – Assistant Report Writer and Editor

Elliott Richman

Gary Malkowski